Microsoft's cross-device Copy and Paste is coming exclusive to Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones

Microsoft is going deeper by integrating the Software which syncs android with windows with Samsung Hardware. Last year Microsoft partnered with Samsung for an improved version of the Your Phone app which was not dependent on Bluetooth LE in your PC and which supported screen sharing with many fewer hassles.  In return, the Link to... Continue Reading →

Planning to buy Samsung Galaxy Z flip? You might need to wait more as its already sold out

Samsung started selling the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip foldable smartphone in USA today.The company previously said the handset will be available in limited quantities, and according to numerous reports and also retailer websites (Samsung, Best Buy and AT&T) the device is sold-out both online and in-store, with deliveries available in a week or two. Despite... Continue Reading →

Windows 12 Lite is here, But this time it’s not from Microsoft

You might be wondering Microsoft released windows X OS back in November, now where did this new OS version come from and for who? But do you know windows 12 Lite OS is not from Microsoft? Yes, this OS is created by some Distro developers using Linux kernel and now these computers are being... Continue Reading →

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