Everything you need to know about Google’s Stadia pricing

Google Stadia’s launch information is out in the wild, and it’s looking pretty confusing. Are you ready for Google Stadia?

Firstly, the service will launch through a Founder’s Edition kit. This bundle will come with a Stadia Controller, a Chromecast Ultra, a license key for Destiny 2 and a three-month subscription to Stadia Pro, the service’s subscription-based platform.
Onto Stadia Pro: whilst Google’s cloud-gaming project will offer traditional game purchases, such as Destiny 2, it will also offer an Xbox Game Pass subscription service on top. Costing $11.00 Canadian, the service will offer 4K/60fps streaming on a bunch of popular titles.
The service’s launch lineup already includes:
• The Division 2
• Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
• Doom
• Tomb Raider 2013/Rise of the Tomb Raider/ Shadow of the Tomb Raider
• Destiny 2
On launch, Stadia will remain locked to Chromecast devices utilizing the dedicated controller, although Google has said the Xbox Adaptive Controller will be supported in the past. Google says it will eventually support all products with a Chrome browser next year in 2020.
Google Stadia will reportedly include a free version next year which will allow you to play purchasable games at 1080p/30fps. Just like Netflix, it would appear Google is locking off higher resolutions for higher subscription tiers, despite having you pay for the game.
All of these details were prematurely reported on by French website LA Presse, but have since been taken down. Thanks to GamesRadar for picking up on it.

If you’re still interested in watching Google’s Stadia livestream, we’ve placed it above for you

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