Govt has a Rs 1,000-cr plan to digitally map India using drones

The Centre plans to spend as much as Rs 1,000 crore to digitally map the country using drones and validate through foot on street to create a topographic database.

“The need to have a digital map of India was felt as it would enable better decision making in the government. The map will have all types of records including land details, socio-economic data, road network, etc,” Prof Ashutosh Sharma, secretary to the government (Ministry of Science and Technology) told reporters at Indian Institute of Science on Monday.

The Survey of India, the country’s oldest scientific department — which is tasked with the responsibility — has chalked out a fiveyear plan to complete the project. “We have started the exercise in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Haryana. The project will be extended to other states but the respective government should show interest and also provide some financial support,” Sharma said.

While the drones, mostly outsourced, will be used to map the length and breadth of India, the department plans to undertake a groundbased survey to corroborate the information before coming up with a high-resolution 3-D map. Priority, Sharma said, would be given to urban areas so that this high-accuracy map could be used for planning and implementing projects.

Earlier, after inaugurating the National Centre for Clean Coal Research and Development at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Union minister for science and technology Harsh Vardhan said: The breakthrough research being pursued at IISc in clean coal domain could potentially be a game changer for meeting the energy needs of the country in terms of higher efficiency and capacity at lower operating costs and size.

“I am sure all these intense scientific efforts and collective endeavours would enable us to realise the vision of an affordable, efficient, compact, reliable Clean Energy systems which will be robust and suitable in diverse geographic conditions,” the union minister said in his address to the scientists.

Source: ET Tech

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