Google Calendar on the web adds ‘’ shortcut

Since last year, G Suite web apps have had a very convenient .new shortcut to quickly open a blank Doc, Sheet, Slide, and more. Google Calendar now supports this time saver for creating a new meeting.

“” is faster to type, but “” might make more sense for people. This immediately opens the full-screen Create page on that you’d otherwise have to access by first tapping the “Create” FAB in the top-left corner, and then “More options.”

Unlike the floating window overlaid on your current calendar view, this page has all fields for Event Details and notes, as well as the “Find a Time” tool and Guest controls. Even if you’re already on the site, this Google Calendar new meeting shortcut might be more convenient for providing access to the entire page.

As expected, performs the action on your first signed-in Google Account, with opening your second. The convenient ability to select from multiple logins was introduced in July. The .new feature launched one year ago for Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, and Forms. Google Keep support was also added this month

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