Apple set make its first CES appearance in more than a decade to talk about privacy with Facebook and others

Apple is set to make its way back to the consumer electronics show (CES) which is scheduled in less than one month. CES officially begins on Jan7’,2020 and Apple will make a formal appearance in this conference for the first time since 1992 – and this time to talk about privacy.

Jane Horvath, Apple’s senior director of privacy will take the stage at CES during a “Chief Privacy Officer Roundtable”. As per CES Schedule the discussion will focus on topics like regulation, consumer privacy and more.

Privacy is now a strategic imperative for all consumer businesses. ‘The future is private’ (Facebook); ‘Privacy is a human right’ (Apple); and ‘a more private web’ (Google). How do companies build privacy at scale? Will regulation be a fragmented patchwork? Most importantly, what do consumers want?

The Roundtable will be moderated by Rajeev Chand, head of research at wing venture capital. Privacy executives from Procter & Gamble, Facebook and commissioner from the federal trade Commission will also be present in this event.


Below are the Key Personalities who would be at the Round table

  • Erin Egan – VP, Public Policy and Chief Privacy officer for Policy: Facebook
  • Jane Horvath – Senor Director, Global Privacy: Apple
  • Susan Shook – Global Privacy Officer: Procter & Gamble
  • Rebecca Slaughter – Commissioner: Federal Trade Commission

Even though Apple didn’t have formal presence in Last year’s CES, the company strategically placed privacy focused billboards throughout Las Vegas during the conference. This Marks the first time that apple has formally appeared at CES since 1992.

At CES earlier this year, Apple Privately met with Members of the press to demonstrated their home kit technology even though they didn’t have any formal booth or public presence.

Mark your Calendars to watch the Roundtable which will be live streamed on the CES website on Tuesday Jan 7th 2019 @1PM PT/4PM ET

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