Microsoft plans to add the ability to send email from aliases to Outlook

Although this feature will not be launched immediately, but as per the office 365 roadmap, Microsoft has  announced about their plans to bring  the ability to send email from alias email address to outlook web app.


They also go on highlight the advantages of this feature of sending email from a proxy address other than sender primary address (SMTP address). This will be useful in multiple scenarios like mergers and acquisitions when you need to go through the hazzle of sending the email from multiple branded domain names, or sending on behalf of team department. Isn’t this a cool feature? and aren’t they working on the right direction?


Although this is feature is targeted to go live by Q4 2020, will let users choose the sender from the compose pane. And when the recipient receives that email, the FROM and REPLY TO will show that alias regardless of whether recipients mail box is live.

Microsoft has also recently announced that they are turning outlook webmail to PWA’s (progressive web app), Allowing users to install it on PC or chrome books as if it is like a normal app. Like the outlook app we will be see the mails offline, receive notifications.

Microsoft is also working on message recall feature which would allow Microsoft’s cloud email to retrieve the emails not yet opened  by the recipients, Regardless of the email client  they use


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