Windows 12 Lite is here, But this time it’s not from Microsoft

You might be wondering Microsoft released windows X OS back in November, now where did this new OS version come from and for who? But do you know windows 12 Lite OS is not from Microsoft?

Yes, this OS is created by some Distro developers using Linux kernel and now these computers are being sold in the computer fairs as spotted by redditor  hexasayeed.


Windows 12 lite is nothing but Linux distro based on Lite OS with a windows10 wallpaper. It is marketed as perfect software for windows7 users who need to upgrade.

Like original windows this is Lite OS is also touted as being secure, free from virus and ransomware also it touts that its 3 times faster than windows and this OS dosnt contain any ads

We suspect Microsoft may have some words with them regarding the software shipping with the default Windows 10 wallpaper, however.

Read more about Windows 12 Lite before Microsoft’s ban hammer strikes, at their website here.

via Liliputting

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