Video : Samsung GalaxyZ flip vs Moto Razr

Flip phones were a dying breed, but with this month’s launch of not one, but two flip phones, both with foldable displays, it appears they’re making a comeback.

But these aren’t the same flip phones your father used, with a clamshell design that, when opened, would reveal a display on top and keypad on the bottom. Instead, the Motorola razr and Galaxy Z Flip have foldable displays that span the entire length of the phone when opened.

Remarkably, both phones have screens that bend and fold without breaking, similar to the Galaxy Fold, released by Samsung last year. Instead of opening like a book, as the Fold does, the razr and Z Flip open vertically. You can even close the phone to hang up a phone call. Talk about nostalgia

It’s fascinating tech, but it’s also new tech. It’s relatively untested on a wide scale, and it’s likely too expensive for most consumers.

Nonetheless, the Razr and Z Flip are giving us a glimpse into the future of smartphones. Just how well do the first foldable flip phones of 2020 stack up? Let’s take a look.

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