Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may come with In display camera and S pen


Reports from a Korean publication (h/t XDA) and Max Weinbach, corroborate details about the next Galaxy Fold device. Apparently, this upcoming smartphone will be the test bed for more new technology, integrating some favorites, and hitting the market much sooner than expected.


Firstly, let’s talk about the screen. This device — codenamed “Champ” — will have a larger display on the inside, this time apparently at 7.7 inches in size. Reports aren’t totally solid yet, but there’s mention that this device may adopt an under-display camera. Alternatively, it could still end up with a punch-hole so things are a bit up in the air there. Either way, both ought to be a big improvement on the Fold’s current corner notch.

The outer display on the next Fold is apparently also getting an upgrade. Instead of the boxed-in, tiny display on the outside of the Fold, the “Fold 2” will use an “Infinity-V” display which has a small, triangular notch. The hardware itself gets an upgrade, too, with a stainless steel frame and ceramic.


Other details mentioned include the Galaxy S20+’s camera array, a “new form of S Pen,” and the use of Samsung’s Ultra Thin Glass.

Perhaps most importantly, we’ve got a potential release window for the “Galaxy Fold 2” of July 2020. Less than a year after the Fold’s actual release, the Fold 2 may be hitting the market around the same time as the Galaxy Note 20. This is a lot earlier than expected, notably.


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