Is windows phone not dead ? Emperion Nebulus claims its phone runs windows 10 and can run android apps without Emulator

Microsoft is returning to smartphones with its forthcoming Android-based Surface Duo, but Windows Phone fans may have another option in the near feature that is closer to the mobile experience Microsoft abandoned.


UK company Emperion, which says it has worked with Microsoft on its new Nebulus phone, has teased that the device runs on Windows 10 on Arm but also can also run Android app

Windows 10 on ARM, or Windows 10 on Snapdragon depending on who you ask, isn’t exactly new. But after the flop of Windows Phone and later Windows 10 Mobile, it seems that Microsoft and its OEM partners have lost interest in bringing what is essentially still a desktop-oriented operating system to smaller screens. That leaves the space open for smaller players but, until now, no one has jumped in to take up the cause.

Then along comes Emperion, a hitherto unknown UK-based company that may have been around since 2017. It has announced a new phone, soon available for pre-orders, that is quite loaded with its own-made buzzwords, like a 6.9-inch Cosmos Display and two 13 megapixel Emperion OptiX cameras. It’s running on a Snapdragon processor but it is curiously mum on which.


The most intriguing aspect is, of course, the claim that it runs both Android and Windows 10 on ARM. Dual-boot devices existed in the past and few, like Chuwi, still make them today. Emperion also says that it has worked closely with Microsoft on this device but also eschews Google Play Store for privacy concerns.

The handset is set for pre-order soon for £549.00 (€658.96), which may increase by £50 for regular orders.

The company claims that they worked closely with Microsoft, and could not use Windows 10X as that was just for Intel processors. The handset was originally teased as an Intel phone last year, but it appears those plans fell away.

Emperion does not even have a website yet, so it is unclear how serious the effort is. For those who demand Windows 10 on a phone, however, it appears there may be an option soon.

Follow their twitter account here.

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