Amazon’s Eero debuts first HomeKit router update, bringing enhanced smart home security

Eero routers are officially adding support for HomeKit. Amazon is rolling out HomeKit support to the Eero and Eero Pro systems, bringing enhanced security for smart home accessories. Here’s how to update.


The update should be available now in the Eero app on your iPhone. To update your system, tap the “Discover” tab in the bottom of the Eero app. It will then walk you through the process of updating your Eero system and adding your Eero router and beacons to the Home app.

So what does HomeKit support mean for Eero users? It really all boils down to security. Apple describes HomeKit router support as adding “more protection to your home accessories by controlling which services and devices they communicate with on your home Wi-Fi network and over the Internet.”


Here’s how Eero describes the feature:

With Apple HomeKit, eero gives you even more protection of your HomeKit accessories and an easy way to manage what they are allowed to communicate with in your home and through the internet.

As we explained over the weekend, to manage the security of your WiFi-enabled HomeKit accessories, you’ll have to remove and re-add them to your HomeKit setup in some instances. This doesn’t appear to always be required, though.


Here are the three levels of security Apple offers for accessories paired with HomeKit routers:

Restrict to Home: Most secure. Your accessory can interact only with HomeKit through your Apple devices. The accessory won’t connect to the Internet or any local devices so any third-party services, like firmware updates, might be blocked.

Automatic: Default security. Your accessory can communicate with HomeKit and connections recommended by its manufacturer.

No Restriction: Least secure. This setting bypasses the secure router and allows your accessory to interact with any device in your network or Internet-based service.

The Eero app is available on the App Store as a free download.

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