Hands-on with 3D Animals in Google Search [Video]

At I/O 2019, Google unveiled the fantastic new 3D Animals alongside a flurry of other augmented reality filters for Lens and Search.

The new features rely heavily on your smartphone to place 3D rendered creatures (and more) within your camera viewfinder in real-life scale. From the outset, it’s worth noting that this isn’t a brand-new feature by any stretch, but it’s one that really helps you grasp the scale of animals in the natural world, all without having to head to your local zoo or nature reserve.


With millions of children around the globe not currently able to go to school due to quarantine and lockdown procedures due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, this might be a great way to give them an interesting home-schooling lesson without having to leave the house — or invite any furry friends in to make a real mess!

Things you will need

  • An Android smartphone running Android 7.0 or higher / iPhone running iOS 11 or later
  • Google Chrome for Android/iOS

The full list of 3D Animals within Google Search has grown substantially since launch, with more being added steadily since the announcement at last years I/O. Searching for any of the following animals will give you the option to bring them into your home in high-resolution 3D:

That list would likely be more than enough to fill a small zoo, and all of the animals even include realistic grunts, groans, and growls to really increase that immersion — and entertainment level. If you’re wanting to keep yourself or your kids occupied, it’s as easy as opening Google Chrome on your smartphone and searching for any of the AR animals above. You don’t even have to view them in AR, you can see each animal in 3D within your Google Search page too.

List: Supported ARCore devices

AppleiPhone 11
AppleiPhone 11 Pro
AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
AppleiPhone XR
AppleiPhone XS and XS Max
AppleiPhone X
AppleiPhone 8 and 8 Plus
AppleiPhone 7 and 7 Plus
AppleiPhone 6S and 6S Plus
AppleiPhone SE
AppleiPad Air 3rd Generation
AppleiPad mini 5th Generation
Apple12.9-in. iPad Pro (1st Generation)
Apple12.9-in. iPad Pro (2nd Generation)
Apple12.9-in. iPad Pro (3rd Generation)
Apple11-in. iPad Pro
Apple10.5-in. iPad Pro
Apple9.7-in. iPad Pro
AppleiPad (7th Generation)
AppleiPad (6th Generation)
AppleiPad (5th Generation)
AppleiPod touch (7th Generation)
AsusROG Phone
AsusROG Phone II
AsusZenfone 6
AsusZenfone AR
AsusZenfone ARES
General MobileGM 9 Plus
GoogleNexus 5X
GoogleNexus 6P
GooglePixel XL
GooglePixel 2
GooglePixel 2 XL
GooglePixel 3
GooglePixel 3 XL
GooglePixel 3a
GooglePixel 3a XL
GooglePixel 4
GooglePixel 4 XL
HMD GlobalNokia 6 (2018)
HMD GlobalNokia 6.1 Plus
HMD GlobalNokia 7 Plus
HMD GlobalNokia 7.1
HMD GlobalNokia 8
HMD GlobalNokia 8 Sirocco
HMD GlobalNokia 8.1
HuaweiHonor 8X
HuaweiHonor 10
HuaweiHonor View 10 Lite
HuaweiHonor V20
HuaweiMate 20 Lite
HuaweiMate 20
HuaweiMate 20 Pro
HuaweiMate 20 X
HuaweiNova 3
HuaweiNova 3i
HuaweiNova 4
HuaweiP20 Pro
HuaweiP30 Pro
HuaweiPorsche Design Mate RS
HuaweiPorsche Design Mate 20 RS
HuaweiY9 2019
Infinix MobileNote 6
KyoceraTorque G04
LGG7 Fit
LGG7 One
LGG7 ThinQ
LGG8 ThinQ
LGG Pad 5 10.1 FHD
LGStylo 5
LGLG Signature Edition 2017
LGV35 ThinQ
LGLG Signature Edition 2018
LGV40 ThinQ
LGV50 ThinQ
LGV60 ThinQ 5G
Motorolamoto g⁵ˢ plus
Motorolamoto g⁶
Motorolamoto g⁶ plus
Motorolamoto g⁷
Motorolamoto g⁷ play
Motorolamoto g⁷ plus
Motorolamoto g⁷ power
Motorolamoto g⁷ play
Motorolamoto g⁸ play
Motorolamoto g⁸ plus
Motorolamoto g⁸ power
Motorolamoto g stylus
Motorolamotorola one
Motorolamotorola one action
Motorolamotorola one hyper
Motorolamotorola one macro
Motorolamotorola one power
Motorolamotorola one vision
Motorolamotorola one zoom
Motorolamoto x⁴
Motorolamoto z² force
Motorolamoto z³
Motorolamoto z³ play
Motorolamoto z⁴
OnePlusOnePlus 3T
OnePlusOnePlus 5
OnePlusOnePlus 5T
OnePlusOnePlus 6
OnePlusOnePlus 6T
OnePlusOnePlus 7
OnePlusOnePlus 7 Pro
OnePlusOnePlus 7 Pro 5G
OnePlusOnePlus 7T
OnePlusOnePlus 7T Pro
OppoF11 Pro
OppoR17 Pro
Opporealme 5
Opporealme 5 Pro
Opporealme Q
Opporealme X
Opporealme X Lite
Opporealme XT
Opporealme X2
Opporealme X2 Pro
OppoReno2 F
OppoReno2 Z
OppoReno 10x Zoom
OppoReno A
OppoReno Z
SamsungGalaxy A3 (2017)
SamsungGalaxy A5 (2017)
SamsungGalaxy A6 (2018)
SamsungGalaxy A7 (2017)
SamsungGalaxy A7 (2018)
SamsungGalaxy A8
SamsungGalaxy A8+ (2018)
SamsungGalaxy A30
SamsungGalaxy A40
SamsungGalaxy A50
SamsungGalaxy A50s
SamsungGalaxy A60
SamsungGalaxy A70
SamsungGalaxy A70s
SamsungGalaxy A71
SamsungGalaxy A80
SamsungGalaxy A90 5G
SamsungGalaxy Fold
SamsungGalaxy J5 (2017)
SamsungGalaxy J5 Pro
SamsungGalaxy J7 (2017)
SamsungGalaxy J7 Pro
SamsungGalaxy M30s
SamsungGalaxy Note8
SamsungGalaxy Note9
SamsungGalaxy Note10
SamsungGalaxy Note10 5G
SamsungGalaxy Note10+
SamsungGalaxy Note10+ 5G
SamsungGalaxy Note10 Lite
SamsungGalaxy S7
SamsungGalaxy S7 edge
SamsungGalaxy S8
SamsungGalaxy S8+
SamsungGalaxy S9 Exynos
SamsungGalaxy S9 Qualcomm
SamsungGalaxy S9+ Exynos
SamsungGalaxy S9+ Qualcomm
SamsungGalaxy S10e Exynos
SamsungGalaxy S10e Qualcomm
SamsungGalaxy S10 Exynos
SamsungGalaxy S10 Qualcomm
SamsungGalaxy S10+ Exynos
SamsungGalaxy S10+ Qualcomm
SamsungGalaxy S10 5G
SamsungGalaxy S10 Lite
SamsungGalaxy Tab Active Pro
SamsungGalaxy Tab S3
SamsungGalaxy Tab S4
SamsungGalaxy Tab S5e
SamsungGalaxy Tab S6
SamsungGalaxy XCover Pro
SamsungGalaxy Z Flip
SharpAQUOS sense3
SharpAQUOS sense3 plus
SharpAQUOS zero2
SonyXperia XZ Premium
SonyXperia XZ1
SonyXperia XZ1 Compact
SonyXperia XZ2
SonyXperia XZ2 Compact
SonyXperia XZ2 Premium
SonyXperia XZ3
SonyXperia 1
SonyXperia 1 Professional Edition
SonyXperia 5
TecnoCamon 12 Pro
TecnoPhantom 9
VivoNex 3
VivoNex 3 5G
VivoNEX Dual Display Edition
WikoView 3 Pro
XiaomiMi 8
XiaomiMi 8 SE
XiaomiMi 9
XiaomiMi 9 SE
XiaomiMi A3
XiaomiMi Mix 2S
XiaomiMi Mix 3
XiaomiPocophone F1
XiaomiRedmi K20
XiaomiRedmi K20 Pro
XiaomiRedmi Note 7
XiaomiRedmi Note 7 Pro
ZebraTC52 WLAN Touch Computer
ZebraTC57 WWAN Touch Computer
ZebraTC72 WLAN Touch Computer
ZebraTC77 WWAN Touch Computer

Let us know your favorite 3D animal down in the comments section below.

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