Google Search highlighting what time cities clap for coronavirus helpers

Today wraps up two weeks of Google Doodles that pay tribute to essential workers combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Google has an illustration showing all the “thank you coronavirus helpers” together, while that space is also being used to remind users when their cities clap every night. 

Since the coronavirus emerged, people around the world have taken to clapping for doctors, nurses, and other hospital workers every evening. Google highlighted this occurrence in an ad last month. The display is particularly striking in cities where people take to the streets (while practicing physical distancing) and their balconies. 

Each city has its own daily celebration, with Google now highlighting major ones. Clicking the Google Doodle performs a “thank you coronavirus helpers” search with an illustration that shows letters from the past two weeks together. This direct method is the only way you can view the graphic. 

Those living in larger areas will see their city, a hashtag, and the time underneath. It’s “#SolidarityAt8” in Los Angeles, while the message for San Francisco is “#GetLoudForOurHeroes at 7pm!” Clicking performs a search where the top result is a Twitter carousel that often shows a message from your mayor. 

In total, there are 10 Doodles in the “Thank you coronavirus helpers” series  Below are the doodles: 

  • Public health workers and to researchers in the scientific community 
  • Doctors, nurses, and medical workers 
  • Emergency services workers 
  • Custodial and sanitation workers 
  • Farmworkers and farmers 
  • Grocery workers 
  • Public transportation workers 
  • Packaging, shipping, and delivery workers 
  • Food service workers 
  • Teachers and childcare workers 

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