Google AdSense app is no longer available for download on Android, iOS

Last year, Google announced that it would kill off the AdSense apps for Android and iOS in exchange for an upgraded mobile web experience. While the apps have lasted longer than we expected, Google has today officially removed both from their respective app stores.

Originally, both the Google AdSense apps for Android and iOS were supposed to bite the bullet in late 2019, but the New Year came and went without any new details from Google. Overnight, an email was sent to active Google AdSense accounts notifying users that the app has officially been “discontinued.”

What does that mean? The AdSense app currently on your device won’t just stop working, but it’s no longer available for download from Google Play (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS). Google will “no longer support” the app and the company says that users should expect it to stop working in “a few months.” We’ll keep you updated on when the app actually stops working.

The AdSense mobile app is no longer available to download from Google Play and the Apple App Store. As an existing app user, you can still use it for now, but the experience will stop working in a few months.

As of today, AdSense still isn’t available as a Progressive Web App on either platform, but both Android and iOS users with browsers such as Google Chrome or Safari can add the app to their homescreens. That experience is available here.

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