The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 may have 4 cameras, same tiny external screen

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip absolutely demolished the new Moto Razr but that does not mean there is not much to improve on Samsung’s clamshell foldable.

We already know Samsung is planning a 5G version o the Z Flip for later this year, and now LetGoDigital have come across a design patent filed in January and published a few days ago by the  WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) which appears to depict the unreleased handset.

The patent shows two potential designs – one with a vertical and another with a horizontal external camera cluster.


Unlike the existing Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, there appear to be 3 external cameras, supporting rumours that the device will have the same camera setup as the Samsung Galaxy S20. That device has a 12MP primary, 12MP ultrawide, and 64MP telephoto camera, of course, an upgrade on the 12MP main and  12MP ultra-wide-angle of the Z Flip.

The design also shows that in one configuration the external screen will be wider, but Samsung clearly remains committed to having a tiny external screen, which is unfortunate as it is the one significant weak point for the handset.

From the inside we see a regular punch hole camera, adding the 4th camera to the smartphone. We have heard rumours that the internal screen will be bigger at 7.7 inches (vs 6.7 in the current Z Flip), but the patent does not confirm this detail one way or the other.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 or Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G  is expected to launch around August with the Samsung Galaxy Note20, and given how close it is to the launch of the original Z Flip, it seems likely the device will only be a minor update which won’t upset current Z Flip owners too much.

The design patent can be seen at LGD here an here.


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