Google Home now prompts you to link streaming services, adds Live TV section

After revamping Lighting controls in March, the Google Home app has new suggestions for linking streaming services, as well as a Live TV section.

These new suggestion chips appear just underneath your custom Home nickname and above the row of quick actions. They are similar to reminders for setting-up nearby smart home devices. In this example, there’s a “Link Netflix” prompt, complete with app icon that can be easily dismissed.

Tapping provides an explanation about how linking your Google Account to Netflix enables playback on compatible devices, as well as the privacy ramifications of letting the service be controlled by Assistant voice commands. “Yes, link account” will open a Netflix login page to continue.

In my case, I have the Netflix app installed on this device, and that’s presumably what invoked the chip. The official release notes cite “favorite media accounts,” so music services should also appear:

It’s now easier to link your favorite media accounts with Google, by clicking on app names at the top of the home view.

Meanwhile, the Google Home client in recent days added “Live Tv” under the list of Assistant services accessible in Settings. It was previously — and still also — linkable from the “Video” list. Sling TV is the only provider today, with the integration dating back to November. YouTube TV is already natively tied to Assistant if you’re a subscriber.

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