Reeder news app adds iPadOS trackpad features, Microsoft planning support ‘by the fall’

As developers continue to roll out trackpad support to their iPad applications, popular RSS app Reeder is the latest to add the capability. Microsoft, on the other hand, is apparently planning to take a slower approach to implementing the functionality.

Reeder’s latest update includes full support for the new trackpad capabilities introduced in iPadOS 13.4. This includes support for hovering over items, accessing controls and options via context menus, and much more. The app is available on the App Store as a free download.

On the flip side, Microsoft does not appear to have any immediate plans to roll out iPadOS cursor support to its Office suite of applications. TechCrunch reports that Microsoft’s implementation is “expected to ship in Office for iPad this fall.” In its own report, The Verge adds that “Microsoft is planning to include cursor support by the fall.”

This seems to imply that Microsoft is working on the feature with the goal of releasing it before this fall. That timeline leaves quite a bit of wiggle room; maybe we’ll see the feature roll out tomorrow, or maybe not until September.

Microsoft just recently started beta testing iPadOS multi-window support for Word and PowerPoint, after being used as an example during Apple’s WWDC keynote last year. For the time being, you can join the Microsoft Word public beta through this TestFlight link and the Microsoft PowerPoint beta through this link.

Ideally, Microsoft will add cursor support to its Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook apps on iPad far sooner than this fall, but only time will tell.

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