Microsoft launches Surface audio app on Android , iOS and windows10

Microsoft’s new Surface Headphones 2 and Surface Earbuds start shipping to buyers and arriving in stores on May 12, and Microsoft is preparing by launching the new Surface Audio companion app. The app is available now for iOS, Android, and Windows 10, giving Surface Headphones and Earbuds users a quick way to manage the accessories, update them, and more.

The apps ensure you can adjust the settings of your Surface Headphones or Surface Earbuds no matter what you have them paired to. In each, you will find access to an equalizer, the option to customize device controls, and the ability to change your language. The Surface Audio app is also where you will initiate firmware updates when they are available.

The main home screen of the app also gives you a quick overview of the status of your Surface Headphones or Surface Earbuds. You can see the battery level, along with how much time you have left before the battery dies. That is in addition to the volume level, along with the noise cancellation level.


Lastly, you can edit the name of your headphones or earbuds, access tutorials, and dive deeper into details about your devices.

Surface Headphones 2 and Surface Earbuds are available to preorder now for $250 and $200, respectively. Both are expected to start shipping on May 12. You can download the Surface Audio app at the App StoreGoogle Play, and Microsoft Store now.

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