A new leak gives us the first look at Google’s Android TV dongle, remote, and new UI

Google is reportedly planning to launch a slew of hardware this summer which includes a new Pixel smartphone, a successor to the Chromecast Ultra dongle, and a new remote control for the streaming media device. And as is the case with most of the soon-to-be-released hardware, details about Google’s new hardware have surfaced online before the launch.


Courtesy of XDA-Developers, we now know what Google’s upcoming Android TV dongle and its remote will look like. Google’s upcoming Android TV Dongle will have an oblong shape, as opposed to the Chromecast Ultra, which has a rounded shape. Also, it’ll be available in three color options — Black, White, and a new light pink color.

The know a few key pieces of information about the remote control of the Android TV dongle. A dedicated Google Assistant button can be found in the first half of the remote control. According to the image posted by XDA, the remote control is White in color, but it’s not clear whether Google will make it available in more color options. Unfortunately, we still don’t whether it’ll have a dedicated button for Netflix and Prime video.

We also managed to get a sneak peek into the new Android TV UI. The new UI will display TV shows and movies at the bottom. In the middle, you’ll find an autoscrolling carousel of recommended titles along with the service provider. You’ll also be able to manage your smart home devices from your Android TV.

Google’s Android TV dongle is expected to be priced at around $80.

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