Apple Once again reminds everyone how tight is the integration between apple watch and iPhone

Apple has unveiled a new marketing webpage that’s aimed at reminding users just how tightly integrated iPhone and Apple Watch is. The page offers multiple different examples of cases where the two products can be used together including Apple Pay, taking calls, and taking photos.

The new webpage lives on Apple’s website and follows the vertical scrolling, animated layout of other product pages on the page starts out with a note explaining why the two products work so well together.

Get directions on iPhone and a tap on your wrist when you need to turn. Check your heart rate on Apple Watch and track it over the last hour, day, month, or year on iPhone. When you put the two of them together, they add up to so much more.

From there on out it’s example after example, reminding users that they can answer a call on their watch and then take over on their iPhone. Heart rate data is another example, with the Apple Watch’s small screen only showing a little date – users can switch to their iPhone for more detail. It’s a similar story with the Activity app, too.

As much as Apple continues to decouple Apple Watch from iPhone by adding an on-device App Store and cellular data, the two are undoubtedly best used together. This marketing page makes that clear and Apple will be hoping it’s enough to get iPhone users interested in picking up their own Apple Watch, too.

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