Everything that Apple announce in WWDC 2020 Keynote

Apple’s WWDC 2020 was packed full of new announcements, moving from topic to topic at a swift pace. The announcements included iOS 14, macOS 11 Big Sur, and so much more. Read on as we recap everything Apple announced at WWDC today.

Apple kicked things off with the official announcement of iOS 14, which brings a variety of new features to the iPhone and iPad. Most notably are a handful of major changes to the home screen for the first time ever.

iOS 14 adds a new App Library view for organizing all of your apps. Apps are automatically organized in the App Library, and you don’t have to keep all of the icons on your actual home screen view. There is also a new list view as well as features for sorting applications based on usage patterns and more.

There is also support for home screen widgets for the first time. You simply long-press on the home screen, and you can add a variety of different widgets such as Weather, Fitness, and more.

iOS 14 also includes a new Translate application. This offers a complete translator that works with text and voice. All the translations are processed locally with the Neural Engine, so this feature works even without an internet connection, and won’t send data to Apple. Apple says this feature works initially with 11 different languages, with more to come in the future.

In Apple Maps, there are new features designed to help users reduce their carbon footprint, including support for cycling directions and EV routing with recommended charging stops and battery status integration. Apple says it is working with BMW and Ford at launch for this feature.

Speaking of BMW, iOS 14 officially adds support for Apple’s new CarKey feature. CarKey will initially work with select newer model BMW cars, but Apple has plans to expand it to other carmakers in the future. CarKey will allow you to unlock and start your car using your iPhone, and you can share access via iMessage.

App Clips is a new feature in iOS 14 that allows you to access an application without downloading it from the App Store. For instance, you could tap your iPhone on an NFC tag and access a small version of an application to do something like reserve a parking spot or rent a scooter

Other changes in iOS 14 include a redesigned Siri interface that doesn’t overtake the entire screen, as well as a new interface for incoming calls that doesn’t take up the entire screen. The Weather app now supports real-time precipitation data as well as severe weather tracking. There is also now support for searching for emoji as well as many new Memoji characters.

Finally, as part of iOS 14, users will be able to change their default app preferences for the first time. Details here are still somewhat unclear, but Apple says users will be able to customize their own email and web browsing apps.

iOS 14 is available now to developers, with a public beta scheduled for release in July followed by a stable release in the fall.

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