Apple launches web portal for Apple Card, pay your bill and view statements online

Apple has today launched an online dashboard for Apple Card users to manage their account online. Previously, all interactions for the Apple Card took place through the Wallet app on the iPhone.

This now means you can view your statements and pay your Apple Card bill online, for the first time. Before today, the only way to pay off your balance if you lost your iPhone was to call Goldman Sach’s telephone support.×280&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=B4jeB10bro&p=https%3A// Apple debuted the Apple Card in August last year, pitching it as a forward-looking digital credit card experience “designed by Apple”, with rich integrations into the Wallet app on the iPhone. However, the service featured no web presence whatsoever. This limitation naturally frustrated many customers as web access to banking is considered table-stakes in 2020, and the Apple Card is meant to be a futuristic credit card.

Apple clearly listened to those complaints and has launched a relatively full-featured web app for the 1.0 release. Apple Card customers can view their current card balance and see how much credit they have available, as well as pay off their bill.

The web experience also lets users set up scheduled payment plans, view their past monthly statements and offers links to contact support for help queries.

Even if you haven’t lost access to the Wallet app on a device, many credit card customers are comfortable using a website to do the same tasks so it’s nice that this route is now available for Apple Card users too.

Apple users in the United States can apply for an Apple Card and review their interest rate offer, without affecting their credit rating.

Apple Card gives 2% cashback on all Apple Pay transactions, which is paid daily as Daily Cash (instead of an often-complicated points reward scheme). Retailers including Apple, Walgreens, and Uber offer higher-rate 3% cashback on Apple Card purchases. Whilst Apple intends most interactions to happen through contactless and digital Apple Pay transactions, Apple Card offers a physical titanium card too. Purchases with the physical card are only eligible for 1% cashback though.

Apple Card charges no fees, aside from accrued interest repayments if the balance is not paid off within the month.

More recently, Apple has started offering sign up bonuses to attract more Apple Card members. Currently, new users can get a $50 Daily Cash bonus when they use the card to buy a service from Apple, like an Apple TV+ or Apple Music subscription.

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