Amazon rebrands Twitch Prime as Prime Gaming

Amazon is reportedly going to rebrand Twitch.TV’s monthly steamer subscription service Twitch Prime into the newly renamed Prime Gaming. 

The news comes from an email sent by Twitch to various partners that was picked up by eSports consultant Rod Breslau, revealing that Prime Gaming will be the newly renamed version of Twitch Prime.

“After four years, Twitch Prime will be rebranding to Prime Gaming to make it clearer for Prime Gaming members to discover all the gaming benefits their membership offers, including must-have content for the world’s most played games, and free monthly subscriptions to help you grow your audience from the millions of worldwide Amazon Prime members,” says the Prime Gaming reveal email.

So what does that mean for you? More opportunities!

It means more chances to grow your viewership across all types of gamers from the Amazon Prime member base and opportunities to be featured in future Prime Gaming promotions.”

Amazon’s new focus on Twitch has given the service a lot of new features as of late, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic. With a host of new Twitch Prime games coming for subscribers and the ability to stream Prime Video content to viewers, Twitch is becoming more than a streaming platform.

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